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why return?

Disposing of your old, expired medication is a fast, easy way to protect your family and our environment. There is no charge for this service and you will not be required to provide identification or complete any paperwork.

good for your family

In addition to losing its potency, old medication can be stolen and misused. Get rid of clutter in your medicine cabinet by removing all of your old medication while keeping current medication—especially controlled prescriptions like opioid pain pills—safely locked away. Once your old and unused medication is removed, it will no longer pose any risk to your family.

Learn more about opioid abuse and how to prevent it at

good for the environment

Flushing old medication down the toilet seems safe but actually harms our environment. Many people flushing their meds year after year creates cumulative effects that can have damaging effects on local plants and animals, including marine life in Puget Sound. When you return medication, it is safely destroyed in a way that will not harm the environment.

If you have more questions about the return process, please refer to our FAQ.